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“Swooping down into various Atlanta neighborhoods in the early 21 century, Niewenhuis populates her  novella with a diverse cast. Like the great filmmaker Robert Altman, Niewenhuis deftly and movingly illuminates these individual lives, while simultaneously creating the larger portrait of a particular time and place. Atlanta is a bold and confident debut.” 


-Robin Lippincott, author of In the Meantime











"Scar Tissue" was a finalist for the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction.


This short story collection trespasses into the restricted places in the world of medicine. Enter a laboratory with a mouse-sized guillotine, a blood bank where life is held in a bag, and an AIDs research facility where the only model is that animal most closely related to humans. Scar Tissue also explores the lives of people working in the medical field. Ethics and morality are always in play when asking 'to what lengths will you go to save a life?'


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