Award-winning books
Award-winning books

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Great Lakes Adventure Series 



The final book this Great Lakes Adventure trilogy launches off the shoreline to the islands of the Great Lakes. From hiking the rugged wilderness of Isle Royale in Lake Superior, to strolling the metropolis on Montreal Island, Niewenhuis explores islands throughout the Great Lakes basin in this fascinating island odyssey.



BOOK TWO in the

Great Lakes Adventure Series 


"Great Lakes Great Reads" award winner


“What emerges is an unmistakable reverence for the beauty and tremendous legacy of this ancient water trail....For a wonderful mind- and soul-enlarging experience, read A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk.”

           -Midwest Book Review 

BOOK ONE in the

 Great Lakes Adventure Series 


A Heartland Indie Bestseller!



"Her adventure is told with verve and boldness, and she is a clear-eyed observer of the lake and its beautiful and sometimes ravaged shore. This book is a welcome addition to the literature of the Great Lakes."  -Jerry Dennis, The Living Great Lakes 




Ever since Loreen Niewenhuis hiked the perimeter of Lake Michigan in 2009, people have asked her about the best stretches of Lake Michigan's shore to walk...especially options shorter than 1,000 miles.


In this eBook, Niewenhuis has assembled her 10 favorite Lake Michigan hiking areas. With a map and access information for each location, she gives insight into what makes each of these locations special.


There are hikes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois to explore. 



This eBook has been in the Top 10 bestselling eBooks

on the topic of "Walking"!


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