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Review of this audiobook:



"I wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how wonderful our family found your book. I listen to audiobooks endlessly in the car. Your book is one of the first ones I have read in a long time which captivated the entire family. Your narration was wonderful...It was more than informative! I don't know how you seamlessly blended travel, adventure, biography, history, and environmental concerns into one book, but you did!  I can't wait for your other books to be available in this format!"

-Amber Cherise Hodge

Review of this audiobook:



"This is a great series about one woman's journey through the Great Lakes...I laughed out loud while learning more about the expansive shorelines of all of the Great Lakes. My husband and I plan to do a road trip of this interesting and lively trek."


NEW RELEASE:  The THIRD book in the

Great Lakes Adventure Trilogy

is NOW available as an audiobook.


Long-listed for the Chautauqua Literary Prize.

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